Initially founded on the basis of a gallo roman villa, Château du Rocher is one of the oldest growths of Saint-Etienne-de-Lisse.
Wine producing has been part of the Château ever since.

Originally named in after its noble XVth century owners of the Durocher family, it was first and foremost a summer leisure villa.


It has the particularity of having been always transferred by its proprietors either through marriage or in direct line.
Indeed, the du Rocher family which owned it already in the XVth century, passed it on in 1731 through the marriage of their only daughter into the illustrious de Grailly family.

After the Revolution, the estate passed through direct union from the de Grailly to the de Monteil, and then to the de Grateloup family from which the present owners are descendants.


The various buildings, the château itself, the cellars, the outhouses, flanked by the dovecote on the foundation, the sign of a noble mansion, all lie on the terrace on which they were built, beside the road at the foot of the slopes, opposite the plain.

The estate, which is 16 hectares in size all in one piece, is almost entirely planted to vines.

The subsoil, ferruginous in many parts, gives the wine a powerful sève in their early years but as they age they acquire all the organic finesse and the characteristic bouquet of « Saint Émilion ».


Up until 2021, the property was family managed by Stanislas de Barthès, Baron de Montfort.
Despite his sorrowful loss, it has now been passed on to his niece the Comtesse B. de Sercey and her husband, whom had already been working alongside him for two decades.

A photo of the Baron de Montfort from Chateau du Rocher


As vintages and time pass by, each new generation is committed to pursue and expand what the previous has kept and developped.

A photo of the Comte and Comtesse B. de Sercey at Chateau du Rocher
The Count and Countess B. de Sercey