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+33 5 57 40 18 20
Company“siret” ID no: 33071485800017.

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Confidentiality policy and data protection:

1.Processing manager
SCEA BARON DE MONTFORT, Château du Rocher, 33330 Saint-Etienne-de-Lisse
+33 5 57 40 18 20
Company“siret” ID no: 33071485800017.

2. Data collection
Château du Rocher collects data about its users and does so in the following way: Monitoringdata.
Château du Rocher automatically collects monitoring metadata on its websites.
This collection includes:
– The IP address used. The IP address enables the geo-locating of the users.
–Information on the client’s system, such as the name of the browser, the language and the version of the operating system.
–Interaction data such as the addresses of the resources consulted (URL), the reference pages, the number of clicks, the time spent on the pages and the date and time when the pages were consulted.
– The use of cookies. A cookie is a small text file saved on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, which records and monitors data concerning your use of a website. This website uses cookies to record your language preference (French or English) and for statistical purposes. Cookies are managed by your web browser. By continuing to use this website, you accept cookies being enabled and acknowledge that you understand the terms of our cookie policy.
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– GoogleChrome: Click on the Menu button, followed by Settings. Click on the “Show Advanced Settings” button.In the“Privacy” section, click on the Content Settings button.Then choose your preferences in the Cookies section.
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– Safari: Click on the Safari menu, then Preferences, then click on the Security tab. In theBlock cookies section, select your preferences.

3. Consent
The user consents that the data listed above may be used for the purposes detailed in article 4 of the present. Consent may be withdrawn at any time by specifying to Château du Rocher to what extent the consent is changed or by any other automated means made available to the user in order to exercise this right (such as unsubscribing).

4. Purposes of processing
The data collected is processed by Château du Rocher for the following purposes:– To monitor the use of the service and protect the security of the services. This includes audience measurements, the analysis of service error or anticipation and detection of technical or security problems. The aggregated information for which it is no longer possible to identify the persons (exempt from all personal information) such as global statistics, cannot be used for commercial purposes.

4.1. Persons processing the data
– Webdesign
–Management project.

4.2. Transfer to a third country
As part of the processing of personal data, Château du Rocher reserves the right to call on subcontractors. In its capacity as processing manager, applied to the regulating of personal data (hereafter named RGPD), Château du Rocher undertakes to ensure the protection, through the appointed subcontractor, and the compliance to the protection of the personal data relating to its clients.

5. Length of data storage time
The data retention time is defined in order to be able to fulfil Château du Rocher’s contractual and regulatory obligations.

6. Rights of the persons concerned
The users dispose of a right to oppose, access, rectify, limit, delete, as well as aright of portability of their personal data on simple written request sent to the following postal address: Château du Rocher 33330 Saint-Étienne-de-Lisse. Château du Rocher undertakes to reply to the user’s request at the earliest opportunity and in any case within a maximum of one month from receiving the request. Château du Rocher reserves the right to request any element which may allow identification of the user concerned (identity card or passport).