With a focus on quality and sustainability, our estate has been making organic wines since 2012 and is certified by Ecocert. We are also NOP (USA) certified since 2021. However, our estate's journey towards organic farming began long before that.

In 2009, the owners made a commitment to move away from conventional farming and to embrace organic practices. This involved a rigorous process of soil analysis,  crop rotation, and vineyard management, as well as a dedication to using only natural treatments to control pests and diseases.


To further enhance the quality of our wines and stay true to our commitment to non-intensive farming, we also use a variety of special amendments in our argilo-calcaire soil. We harvest mistletoe seeds from our own mistletoe plants and use them as a natural fertilizer, along with compost and other organic matter.

By using these natural amendments instead of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, we are able to maintain a healthy soil ecosystem and promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms, which in turn contribute to the overall health and quality of our vines.


Subsequently, we have seen a greater number of animals wandering around our vineyards, including insects, rabbits and deers. These animals not only add to the beauty of the estate but also play an important role in maintaining the ecosystem by helping to control pests and weeds.

By working in harmony with nature, our wines are highly sought after by wine enthusiasts around the world who appreciate the estate's commitment to quality and sustainability.

Our obsession is that our soils remain healthy and fertile for the centuries to come whilst still keeping the rich flavor and distinct character that is unique to our estate.