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October 16, 2023
10 Best Saint-Émilion Vintages of All Time

Navigating through Saint-Émilion's iconic vintages offers a sip of history, each year capturing a unique blend of timeless elegance and ineffable chic that resonates from the past into the present. Here is a top 10 of the best Saint-Émilion vintages that one must know.

10 perfect Saint-Émilion vintages (in chronological order)

Through the years, vintages rise and fall, each carrying its own narrative—much like chapters in a grand novel. But there are years that linger on the tongue and in memory longer than others. Years when the wine not only elevates a meal but becomes the moment; years that capture that indefinable blend of art and earth that makes Saint-Émilion so endlessly fascinating. Let's meander through this fascinating anthology, and bear in mind that even better vintages might have also existed in the past prior to this list !

The List

  1. 1947: The Legend - This inimitable year unfurls on the palate with a flourish; a true ode to the "timeless elegance" of Saint-Émilion's soil and sky.
  2. 1959: Aged to Perfection - A vintage steeped in longevity.
  3. 1961: The Classic - This iconic year resonates with such deep, rich notes that one sip feels like a journey through the centuries.
  4. 1982: The Modern Turn - An epochal year that encapsulated a new vision for Bordeaux, intertwining old-world charm with contemporary finesse. It is also linked to the moments where Émile Peynaud and his work started gaining momentum, allowing multiple winemakers to create modern wines with little to no flaws.
  5. 1990: Warmth and Opulence - Sumptuous and inviting, the wines of this year bear the hallmarks of Saint-Émilion’s singular warmth and richness.
  6. 2000: The Landmark - A millennium vintage, a true reflection of what the juxtaposition of time and earth can offer. It can sometimes be over-evaluated, due to the singular nature of the number !
  7. 2005: The Balanced Gem - Unveiling a wine of such equilibrium that it seems to dance gracefully between aroma and flavor. Perfect to drink now, and consensually recommended by any wine connoisseur.
  8. 2009: The Fruit-Forward Year - An opulent tapestry woven of sun-ripened fruit and textured terroir; a joyful burst of youth, yet profoundly mature.
  9. 2015: Contemporary Elegance - A stellar example of what Saint-Émilion stands for today: lusciously balanced, confidently elegant, effortlessly timeless.
  10. 2020 & 2022: The Modern Classics - Though their ink has barely dried, these chapters are poised to leave an indelible mark on the ongoing narrative of Saint-Émilion wines. 2020 being a very special year for humanity, did not negatively impact wine growing, thus remembering us that human and nature health can be two separate entities from time to time....

We hope you enjoyed our vision of the top 10 best recent vintages, where we tried to be as partial as can be. On our end, Aa Château du Rocher, we had a stellar 2020 and 2022 year, with our 2020 vintage having recently received a Mundus VIni award "Best Show of Bordeaux". This award is only given to the best wines of its category, which is defined by the highest score.

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